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29.Dec, 2021 0

10 Helpful Divorce Blogs to Prepare You For the Road Ahead in 2022

We recently found a quote from an unknown author that says, “Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.” This is excellent advice, as we always want to be looking forward to our future rather than constantly thinking about things from the past that we wish we could have done…

22.Dec, 2021 0

Attorney-Client Privilege – Defined

Many people are concerned when they hire a lawyer for the first time that they will somehow give up their right to privacy. They think the information they divulge, conversations they engage in, intimate details they share, and anything else they say could be used against them later. Fortunately, a…

8.Dec, 2021 0

Direct vs Indirect Contempt of Court

Direct vs Indirect Contempt of Court. The legal term “Contempt of Court” is commonplace on television and in movies but the depictions on television and in the movies is generally not accurate or a complete story of the contempt powers of a court. It is important to know that you…

1.Dec, 2021 0

8 Ways to Save Yourself and Your Marriage Through Genuine Intentions

We live in an age where divorce is alarmingly common. After all, 50% of all marriages end in divorce. That is the statistic everyone references, and they are absolutely spot on. As a result, you would think that is all I do in my practice — help people get divorced….

3.Nov, 2021 0

Do you have the proper grounds for divorce?

Proper grounds for divorce. There used to be a time when divorce was frowned upon. People just did not do it very often because marriage was seen as it should be seen – a covenant relationship between two people and God. Spouses were not without faults, but they were willing…

27.Oct, 2021 0

Nelson Law Roundup: 13 Useful Blog Posts about Child Support

Useful Blog Posts about Child Support. Child support is a periodic payment made by one parent to benefit a child following the end of a marriage. In a perfect world, the obligated parent simply pays the other to cover necessary expenses for the child, and life goes on. But as…

24.Oct, 2021 0

5 Common Divorce Tips To Ignore

Common Divorce Tips. Everyone has divorce advice to give these days. Some is useful information, and the people dolling it out — friends, family members, co-workers, and the like — mean well and want the best for you. But you do not want to follow every tip you receive for…

20.Oct, 2021 0

If You Want to Live a Happy Life After Divorce, Stop Doing These 7 Things Right Now

Anyone who has seen their marriage end will tell you that trying to live a happy life after divorce is easier said than done. Even if the divorce was necessary, and you have come to terms with it in some small way, the emotional toll is far more complex. This…

1.Jul, 2020 0

8 ways to mend your broken heart after a devastating divorce

Some people are relieved and itching to move on as soon as their divorce is final. However, others believe it will be impossible to mend their broken heart after a devastating divorce. It’s not hard to see where the brokenhearted are coming from. Divorce is a significant and life-changing event…

17.Jun, 2020 0

What does a prenuptial agreement cover and not cover?

While not mandatory, there are many people out there who feel it’s a good idea to have a prenuptial agreement in place before tying the knot. For many relationships, it can be beneficial. For others — not so much. We’ve discussed the pros and cons of prenups before, but how…