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22.Dec, 2021 0

Attorney-Client Privilege – Defined

Many people are concerned when they hire a lawyer for the first time that they will somehow give up their right to privacy. They think the information they divulge, conversations they engage in, intimate details they share, and anything else they say could be used against them later. Fortunately, a…

8.Dec, 2021 0

Direct vs Indirect Contempt of Court

Direct vs Indirect Contempt of Court. The legal term “Contempt of Court” is commonplace on television and in movies but the depictions on television and in the movies is generally not accurate or a complete story of the contempt powers of a court. It is important to know that you…

13.Oct, 2021 0

Personal Injury: Nelson Law Group can help with vehicle defect claim

Vehicle defect claim. Imagine driving down the road, enjoying the tunes on the radio and a cool breeze whipping through your hair. You see a red light off in the distance and go to step on your brakes, but nothing happens. You cannot slow down, no matter how hard you…

24.Jun, 2020 0

Common Law Terms (The Ultimate Guide)

Common Law Terms (The Ultimate Guide)   Personal injury cases involve a party who has been injured as a result of another parties’ negligence. These cases include everything from automobile accidents to medical malpractice, wrongful death, and more. At Nelson Law Group PC, we bring over two decades of bench…

3.Jun, 2020 0

20 Inspirational Quotes About Attorneys And The Law

The reason I became a family law attorney was to help people and provide value. It is a rewarding experience when you can step into a difficult situation and walk a family through it, answer their questions, be the voice of reason, and achieve for them the best possible outcome….